Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Battle Of The Giants

Probably the most anticipated weekend of the premiership this season, it’s time to unwind, enjoy and worry the hell out of yourself. The top four are knocking on each others' doors, and a more crucial time in the premiership race has not yet been witnessed.

Liverpool V Chelsea: Obviously this one is the less anticipated game of the 2 highly anticipated games.

Chelsea: Chelsea are somewhat struggling. With painstaking displays against Wycombe, Villa, Fulham and Reading, and the recent “big question mark” on Jose Mose, Chelsea look a little shaken up. But, their hopes will be bolstered with the Return of the Jedi, Cech. Maybe the holes in their floodgates will now be cemented. The old “Shevy” needs a lot of oiling up, but his ego never seems to subside. His undying faith in himself, almost exudes over the public, after-all his resume is one to be proud off. There’s no denying his talent and skill, but maybe the English game is too ugly for his liking. But Liverpool, be wary of the “hot-on-fire” wimp Drogba – a supremely strong and skillful player with an annoying habit of “falling over”, he is the best ‘back-against-the-goal” finisher. However with Carvalho (ill), Belharouz and Terry still missing, maybe the floodgates are not that patched up. To add to the injury woes, the club seems to be tearing itself apart by a civil war. Roman and Jose ain't getting along, and their egos are coming in the way. Not good, but hey, anything can happen on the field.

Liverpool: With a midfielder-scarcity, a confused manager and a knack of not-performing-against the giants, Liverpool already seem to have lost this match. Though their recent victory against Watford was half impressive, their consecutive, embarrassing defeats at the hands of the Gunners, are more worrying. What’s to be noted is that they have lost every single match against the big guns of England. So Rafa, prove me wrong! It will be interesting to see whether Bellamy, Kuyt & Crouch will start together upfront, and lets hope they don’t miss Luis Garcia too much. Rafa wants the Chelsea scalp, but it’s easier said than done. Good luck old man!

Verdict: It’s impossible to predict a football match, and in doing so I would be doing injustice to the game, for the unpredictability of football is the beauty of the game. But if it was a computer generated result:
Even though Chelsea are away and in deep waters a predict a half-dull draw.

Why the negativity? Both teams ain’t in the best of forms, and both team quite frankly don’t play the most attractive of football. I hate Mourinho’s “do anything to win” attitude, and Rafa, I feel, is over-rated. But personally, I am supporting Liverpool today! Anything to help Arsenal!

Arsenal V Manchester United: Now we are talking. Both teams are in blistering form, hold your horses folks, this is going to be one hell of a battle.

Arsenal: Looking the most impressive they ever have all season, with the return of Henry and his form, with Adebayor, Rosicky, Fabregas and Baptista buzzing, and the recent recaptulation of form at the Emirates Stadium, Man Utd have all the right to be worried. Though Van Persie is a big doubt, and the great Gilberto is suspended, Eboue and Adebayor are back. But I hope Wenger doesn’t start with the annoying Flamini in the hole with Fabs. Hleb and Rosicky are buzzing on the flanks, and the team looks fresher than ever, with more depth then ever, with more youthful potential then ever and with more class then ever. Aliadiere, Walcott, Clichy, Denilson and Fabregas are frigging young, and it’s in these mammoth contests, where the young have nothing to lose, they blossom.

Manchester United: With Larsson’s bang of an entry, and Ronaldo’s near perfect form, Manchester are in no way underdogs even away at Emirates. Scholes’ consistency, and the strong defence in general is all too good to question, even away from home. With Louis Saha, who I feel has the most immaculate control in the whole of the premiership, combined with the sheer brilliance that Rooney can unleash, Man Utd are friggin’ strong. But then, follow the following equations…

Henry = 1.5 x (Saha)

Rooney = 1.5 x (Adebayor)

Scholes = 1.2 x (Fabregas)

Ronaldo = 1.5 x (Hleb)

Rosicky = Giggs

Toure = Ferdinand

Clichy = Evra

Neville = 1.2 x (Eboue)

Vidic = Senderos

Lehmann = Van Der Saar (though the former is explosive).

Emirates = +1 (Arsenal)

Victory @ Old Trafford = +1 (Arsenal)

(any additions to this list of equations are welcome and open to debate)

With all the above factors in question, the teams cancel each other out, almost, and that’s why this match is going be one hell of a contest.

Verdict: It’s impossible to predict a football match, and in doing so I would be doing injustice to the game, for the unpredictability of football is the beauty of the game. But if it was a computer generated result:
2-1 to Arsenal. I feel they are buzzing too much to not win, and recently at the Emirates they have burst into life.

But hey I could be wrong, and that’s the beauty of it!

Enjoy the football extravaganza of a weekend!

P.S. The image is self made. It's not that great, but none the less...


bharath said...

umm u forgot twoo little things - a so called Hendrik Larsson and Carrick

anish said...

i dint forget larsson, and carrick, acc to me, aint worth a mention.

Govind said...

Ummmm .... Rosicky = Giggs??

And that was a bit biased towards Arsenal!!

But YUP! Brilliant week to look forward to, especially since exams are 'over'! LOL!

Hope the Arsenal Man U match is better than the one at Anfield (after the first 20 mins, beside the RIISE strike, there was not much to applaud - Chelsea didnt provide much of a fight really!!)

And I think Rafa has done a BRILLIANT job so far at Liverpool ... a few mistakes, but just cause he doesn't do what the English press expects him to doesn't make him 'confused'. He has a good record - winning La Liga and initiating the mid-table Liverpool into the top 4!! This season too, barring that one week and the start of the season, he has put together
a near perfect run (8 wins in the last 9!!)

My Prediction:
Arsenal 1 - 2 Manchester United

Manish said...

I say it goes like this:-

1) Lehmann (8 - 9) Van Der
2) Eboue (8 - 8) Neville
3) Senderos (6 - 7) Vidic
4) Clichy (7 - 7) Evra
5) Toure (9 - 8.5) Ferdinand
6) Flamini (6 - 7) Carrick
7) Rosicky (9 - 9) Giggs
8) Fabregas (8.5 - 9) Scholes
9) Hleb (8 - 9) Ronaldo
10)Van Persie (9 - 8) Saha
11) Henry (10 - 8) Rooney

All based on recent form...If RVP doesn't play -

10*) Adebayor (8.5 - 8) Saha
10*) Baptista (8 - 8) Saha


12) Arsenal winning at Old Traf +5
13) Arsenal playing at home +4

Thus, Arsenal 3 - 1 Manchester United.

Romit said...

i dunno abt the comparison and all...but i have a feeling it would end a draw match or a late last minute win by arsenal...let's see... can't study eco. for shit.... damn u football.....
love to see fights though...not seen many after wc final...just kiddin

Anonymous said...

88.5 - 88.5 ... thts ur comparision team to team the heck does that work out to arsenal 3 - 1 man utd...dumass..... :p

oh wait . i furgot the home advntage shit - sorry :)

Nishant said...

Anish you just flukily predicted the outcome of the match. You should've placed a bet or something. You would've been rich! Rich I tell you! :P :P

Tejas said...

nice guess to both anish and romit...

Gautham Selvaraj said...
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