Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Red Tide

Watch out, the Arsenal tide is racing in. Rosicky is back, and so is sublime, poetry-like football that Arsenal are known for. A 6-2 thrashing of Blackburn is enough to prove that, undoubtedly, Arsenal are the best and the most fluent attacking side in the premiership and probably the world, when they are in gear. They can entertain like no one else can, they can create football like no one else can, they can tap talent like no one else can and thank you Mr. Wenger for all that.

Adebayor was bought for 3 million pounds, and so was Van Persie. Apart from Rosicky, Arsenal’s first 11 is lesser in value than Chelsea’s struggling Shevchenko. And to still play such exquisite football is one hell of an achievement. Fine, the Red Tide did have some obstructions in the form of a doubtful defensive display, but hell, they should have scored 10 goals today.

3 minutes into today Arsenal-V-Blackburn game, Arsenal went behind thanks to a Nondo penalty. The Arsenal-brewed talent Bentley looked dangerous for Blackburn, but Gilberto scored an unlikely corner header to put us level. Hleb then added a brilliant second after going past a couple of players, after being put through by Adebayor. Adebayor then got a deserved goal, even though it was through a penalty to make it 3-1 to the Gunners. The Arsenal midfield was purring, and the Red Tide was pushing forward as if Osiris was commanding it to. A brilliant one touch move which ended with Rosicky putting Hleb through would have been finished only if the Belarusian had been a little selfish. The irony of it all!

2nd half – Arsenal were as dominating and when Rosicky hit the bar, you felt as if the poor Czech’s first goal would never come. He deserved one for his excellent display, but Fate continued its curse on him. Emirates stadium has to go through a panic-stage. It went through one when Nondo scored his second, and then Blackburn suddenly took the leash for 10 minutes. But then, enter Van Persie. Thankfully Wenger put him on the right, where I think he plays much better. He proved my point with the goal of the game. Some typical Van Persie fakes (as all Van Persie lovers would know), and a sublime left foot finish, which seemed guaranteed as soon as the Dutch-men switched to his left foot, helped the Arsenal-faithful to breathe a sigh of relief. Then what followed was another brilliant team goal, finished once again by the left foot of Van Persie. It was then Fabregas’ turn to get into the mix. He went past Savage making him look like an idiot, and then indirectly set up the lucky Flamini for Arsenal’s 6th. Wow.

It has been a long time since I have thoroughly enjoyed an Arsenal match, and to get such enjoyment without Henry, says a lot. Footballism’s God prophesizes that Arsenal is going to go on a rampage and this Red Tide is going to sweep the living daylights out of the Premiership. Beware.

P.S. Over-excitement often leads to predictions that are over-enthusiastic in nature, but they are prophesies none the less.


Nawaz said...

Any Arsenal fan would go hyper after such a brilliant performance by them. Though I don't get the channels which broadcast these matches I just want to say that those of you who are interested in football but dont have the channels just come here and read the blog.
Well written summary!

Govind said...

Brilliant match ....

Yes, a 'Red' tide will sweep/is sweeping over the premiership; just not sure I agree with which shade of red will constitute the tide!!

Anyway, this makes me worried for the forthcoming arsenal-liverpool clashes!!

Naren Mansukhani said...

Brilliant game!!
As soon as the game began and in the second min when arsenal were 1 goal down I was like NO PLEASE NOT AGAIN..and abt 8 minutes later 1-1.Gilberto has had the best scoring season and most of them are by headers and penalty kicks. A couple of mins later Hleb with one of the most well controlled goals.I was talking to dushyant on the phone and banged the phone and was running all over my tv room. After that adebayors penalty went in and we saw brilliant footall by arsenal even after that. Rosicky should have scored I felt bad for him.Then Nando scored his second pretty well. And after that blackburn dominated possession for around 10 minutes .After that the best goal of arsenal at ashburton grove in my opinion. WHAT FANTASTIC CONTROL. Finished perfectly. Arsenal were passing the ball slowly in mid field soI changed the channel to check the score of the man u villa game saw 2-0 immediately changed it to art 3 and 4-2 and I was like wtf. Brilliant goal. Amazing control and hes definately worth more than 3 million pounds. After that a typical arsenal goal. Adebayor and Fabregas were passing around at the flanks and Fabregas looked like he was gonna shoot but then passsed it to RVP. Its not yet over in injury time subsitute flamini scored after Friedel saved Fabregas's shot which was from a very difficult angle and guided it at the back of the net.
Brilliant game enjoyed it completely.

Harry said...

ello anish! ahaha I love passionate writing! I can imagine you bubbling as you wrote this! Very well written! Hope its the boost you needed!! Funny though how we always give friedel such a hard time! And RVP has a tendency to perform well agaisnt the guy! Remember last yrs left foot smasher!
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