Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Unemphasized "London Derby"

Okay. My approach to this post changed thrice during the course of the friggin’ exciting match between the Gunners and the "Great" one's army.

The first approach was going to be as to how shitty Flamini played, but the how he capped of the shitty performance by a well-taken goal, only to re-emphasize Wenger's undying faith in his chosen first-eleven. I almost got annoyed with him for playing Flamini for soooo long, but then it paid off, which kinda shut me up. Anyway, my first approach was going to be full of joy and passion at the supposedly brilliant Arsenal victory. But Essien changed all that.

A truly fantastic and unbelievable 35 yard scorcher, Essien’s shot was a well-deserving equalizer, and was good enough to overshadow the earlier Ashely Cole foul on Hleb which would have prevented the brilliant strike. Anyway, I am not going to vent too much here, but the goal wouldn’t have stood if the referee got his eye-sight sorted and gave the deserved free-kick to Arsenal. But, hey, whatever.

Things changed after that. Besides a horrid performance by screwing-up-at-Chelsea Wright-Phillips, Chelsea should have taken the 3 points, and it was unfortunate that the bar adored them. But hey, don’t take anything away from Arsenal and Arsenal’s Gilberto for their and his solid performance. In the past, Arsenal have also met with similar bar-hitting incidents, which have had even more fatal results, so this kinda cancels out. So all you Chelsea fans - SHUT UP, and Ashley – shove it.

Cole got the treatment he deserved for his “BOT” Betrayal of Trust – as some very “mature” people coin it. The Arsenal fans seemed to have the better of the reflexes to the Chelsea supporters’ late awakenings when it came to booing the “wanker” (to quote unquote Cole himself). Otherwise Adebayor had a decent game and so did Van Persie. Essien was the deserved ‘Man Of The Match’, and Drogba showed flashes of his brilliance only to be made notorious because of his shitty acting. How the hell does a 13 stone, 6+ foot guy fall down like a pansy when he is nudged only slightly. “Loser”, I say.

Anyway, the second half was more exciting than the first, and capped off a truly memorable and entertaining match: 1 - 1. And to think, Arsenal were without Henry, Gallas, Toure, Rosicky and Lauren. Hah, Chelsea could only manage a draw – brilliant.

P.S. The Unemphasized "London Derby" refers to the fact that the commentators failed to mention even once that it was a London Derby. Bloody hell there are too many London clubs.

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Govind said...

Nice match, brilliant football, wonderful entertainment and superb goals!!
The Ashley Cole fake currency notes were quite hilarious. If Drogba was a pansy, Lehmann was equally as bad .. both dumasses.
Towards the end, I thought Chelsea would surely steal it, but Lampard ........

Looking forward to two Liverpool v Arsenal fixtures in the coming three weeks (Carling and FA Cups)! Any idea which channels they will come on?